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About WordPress Training

WordPress is going to grow into a complete integrated CMS friendly platform, which makes the blogging WordPress is going to grow into a complete integrated CMS friendly platform, which makes the blogging easier. The future generation may have the possibilities to taking it to the next level of creating blogs, websites, eCommerce site and applications with its various Plugins.g easier. The future generation may have the possibilities to taking it to the next level of creating blogs, websites, eCommerce site and applications with its various Plugins.

Niklix Education is one of the best WordPress Training institutes in Ludhiana. We ensure you that our WordPress training will help you learn everything right from the fundamentals of CMS completely along with installation and configuration process, theme, content, widget and plugins management, working with users by high performance and security. We provide sufficient WordPress training for our candidates to let them know entirely about the outstanding blogging functionalities. We assure you that we can offer you to manage your whole website with WordPress, or just we make you understand how to use it through just installing it on your site.

We believe in our standard as we have a team of faculties who have the ability to guide you all the techniques which are used to develop a site using WordPress. This WordPress Training will help you to become an excellent WordPress developer.

Why should take the WordPress training course?

  • WordPress is the popular open source platforms available, due to this many of the small competing platforms are getting dormant.
  • WordPress is easy to use even for those who are computer literate.
  • It is continually being developed, ensuring its coding and plugins are constantly kept up to date with the ever-changing technology of the web. Although small platforms work now, but their functionality may be limited soon due to lack of development.
  • WordPress has excellent natural SEO features built in to help get your website found in searches.
  • WordPress is exploding all over the web.

What will you learn from WordPress Training?

  • In our WordPress Training you will learn about:
  • Quick tips and tricks to work on WordPress efficiently.
  • Best tools and Plugins to use explicitly.
  • Basics right from setting up web hosting and installing WordPress.
  • Building and operating your own Wordpress Themes.
  • The Conceptual Framework of the WordPress.
  • Discovering the Building Blocks of a WordPress Site.

WordPress Training Syllabus

Lesson 1: Introduction to WordPress
  • Package Download
  • Installation
  • Creating Database
  • A brief history
  • More about WordPress
  • WordPress Blogs vs. Websites
  • A brief introduction to WordPress themes
  • Getting started with WordPress
Lesson 2: Finding a Home for your WordPress Site
  • Finding a domain
  • Registering a domain
  • Choosing a web hosting package
  • WordPress feature through your host
Lesson 3: Installing WordPress on Your Site
  • How to install WordPress
  • The MySQL database
  • Uploading your files
Lesson 3: Installing WordPress on Your Site Lesson 4: Content Management using WordPress
  • Archiving content
  • The purpose of categories
  • Naming a category
  • Creating a new category
  • About static page parents and children
  • Permalinks
Lesson 5: Selecting the Right Tools
  • Picking a text editor
  • Picking a web browser
  • About cross-browser compatibility
  • An introduction to FTP
  • Setting up for FTP
  • Using an FTP client
  • Transferring files
  • Editing files (FTP)
  • TFile Permissions

WordPress Training Certification

Obtaining Web development Certification is essential to becoming an expert in software development. It's a major step to making your career growth to succeed. It confirms you’ve got better abilities in Web Development.

More Details

  • Any graduate with computer background.
  • Candidates should have some basic knowledge of HTML and PHP.
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of OOPs as well as MySQL queries.


What is WordPress?
WordPress is an online, open source website developing tool written in PHP. It's probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) in existence today.
What is the use of WordPress?
WordPress is the most successful open source Content Management System used in 73 million websites. It is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible interface, which reduces cost and deployment time.
What are pre-requisites of learning WordPress?
Students should have some basic understanding of HTML and PHP as well as should have a basic knowledge of OOPs concepts and MySQL queries.
I'm a designer. Can I join this WordPress Course?
Sure. Our WordPress Course designed in a way that even designer can learn WordPress and develop highly qualified websites. We provide you the best training to being expertise in WordPress development.
Why should you learn WordPress from Niklix Education?
Our institute is one of the best training centers in Ludhiana. We offer real-time training courses for students, employees, and freelancers. We also provide placement assistance for our candidates. Our trainers have over 7+years of live project experience. We also offer online training classes for the students who desire to study WordPress course via online.
Can I get any certification for WordPress Training?
Yes, we will provide a certificate after completing the WordPress Training Course.